Top 5 Reasons To Take Your Bookings Online

Event planning is fun, but it can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you are still relying on paper forms and chasing attendees for payment.

Why not enable your participants to book online rather than spending your valuable time chasing payments manually?  It will offer your clients/members the ultimate convenience of being available 24/7 whilst also giving you a better idea of attendee numbers ahead of the big day.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider using an online booking system for your events.

It’s an expectation your customers will have

Realistically in this day and age, your customers expect to be able to book to attend an event as quickly as possible.  They won’t want to be fumbling around for phone numbers or writing emails to you, they’ll just want to be able to find your link and book the event within a few clicks.

Offering online bookings mean you can gain a higher number of attendees with less admin work required on your part, as potential customers looking at your website/social media will see that it’s quick and easy to book and will therefore register for your event before looking around at others.  If they have to contact you before booking, that may prove to be a deterrent.

It saves you time

As well as making life easier for your customers, an online booking system will save you hours of unnecessary administration work.  Simply create your booking form, sit back and watch the registrations come rolling in.


Advertising your event is so much easier with an online booking system; you can share the booking link anywhere you choose and allow customers to book online instantly.

There is potential for you to run social media ads and send out emails from which your target audience will be able to go straight through to your booking page and make their registration.

The customer journey is streamlined through using an online booking system when compared with more manual methods.

Access to an event register, anytime

If you use an online booking system, you’ll have access to a register of attendees.  Whether you’re sat at your desk, on-the-go or looking through your pre-downloaded spreadsheets, you’ll only be seconds away from accessing a list of your latest attendees.

 Utilising the Participant app enables you to view your register on mobile devices as well as checking your participants in using QR codes.

Easy communication with attendees

With an online booking system, you’ll have easy access to contact the attendees for your event prior to/after it has taken place.

Benefit from the ability to contact participants via our bulk email service or send texts to advise of any last-minute changes.

You will also be able to contact participants after the event has taken place to get their feedback via an evaluation form; that way, you can make sure you’re improving each time you host an event!

Here’s what Caroline Edwards, Marketing Manager at The Felbridge Hotel said about using our online booking system;

We’ve been using Participant for many years and find it an ideal platform for enabling our customers to book event tickets quickly and easily.  Whilst it’s incredibly simple to set up, the Participant team have been very helpful in answering any questions and suggesting ways to optimise the platform to improve our customer experience.

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