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Event organisers, such as yourself, are always planning what to do next.  It is in your nature and what keeps your business thriving.  That is, until the pandemic changed things.  Suddenly, it is difficult to plan for the future, and hard to know whether to open up bookings for events.

We have devised a solution which means that you can still market and take bookings for your events, and then take payment at a later date.  This can be done with our approval tool.

What is the approval tool?

Participant’s online booking system has an approval tool, meaning that you can take bookings for your events now, and then once given the green light to proceed by the Government you can issue a link for payment.  Typically, this functionality is used to determine whether there is enough interest to run your event.  In the current climate, it is a perfect way to aim for running events later in the year, with the added benefit to your customers that they are not obligated to make payment until nearer the time.

This accounts for the uncertainty of the pandemic, and the restrictions in place at the time of your event.  By delaying payment until nearer the start date, your event will be more appealing to potential customers, and you will also be able to rest assured that you will not find yourself in a situation further down the line where you have to issue refunds to all of your potential attendees due to COVID-19 restrictions.

How can I set this up?

Simply set up a booking form on Participant and use the approval tool within the ‘publish options’ page of the event setup.  You can then make your booking page live, let the bookings come in, and then approve them nearer the time.

Book now, pay later

Marketing your events during these uncertain times is difficult and your potential customers need incentive to book.  A tagline of “book now, pay later” will appeal to them, as they know that they will not be obligated to pay anything if the event is cancelled due to restrictions.

You can market along these lines by sharing the URL to your booking page and contacting your regular customers/recipients of your newsletter.

Any questions?  Get in touch today!

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