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We recently announced our exciting collaboration with OpenActive to provide you with a platform from which you can promote your online events free of charge.  We are now able to provide more information on the nature of the promotion your events can receive as well as how to get involved.

Open your events to a bigger audience

Publishing open opportunity data means making information about your events and activities open to a much larger online audience.

Information about when, where and what activities are taking place can help you to reach more people whilst also filling unused capacity.  Publishing open data is estimated to lead to an increase of 1 to 2.5 participants per opportunity, and with it being a free marketing tool at no cost to yourselves, it’s a win-win situation.

How does it work?

Opening your data allows your activities to be featured everywhere; from websites and apps that attract millions of users, to community tools and services that target local people.

There are some huge organisations utilising OpenActive, meaning that you could be potentially opening your events up to customers on platforms such as Change4Life, Play by Decathlon and EMDUK amongst many others.  You can see the full list here.

Participant and OpenActive

Participant is an online booking solution which is widely used by activity providers of all sizes to manage the registrations for one-off courses, weekly activity sessions, holiday camps, after school clubs and fitness clubs amongst many others.  The benefit of Participant is significantly reduced admin time and costs, whilst being able to utilise many exciting features which you can read about here.

We have joined the movement to offer existing and new customers the opportunity to open their events up to millions of potential customers.  Simply get involved by contacting us and advising that you would like to enable OpenActive open data publishing.

Questions?  Read the how-to guide here.  You can also find out all the information you need on opening your data and GDPR here.

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