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We are delighted to announce the launch of OpenActive, a free advertising tool which will enable your classes, sessions and activities to be available for any aggregator to publish online.  This means that your events will be visible on sites relevant to sport and recreation whereby millions of people will see these and be more likely to attend. 

To join the promotion and get your activities listed on the Activity Finder, all you have to do is contact us and give us your permission to publish your events. Please follow the sign-up form below, or contact us through Participant UK.

How does it work?

Online events will be visible on websites relevant to the subject area of the event, whereas physical events (once these are back up and running) will be targeted more specifically to the location of the person browsing; this ensures that you are capturing the attention of people who are likely to be interested in attending or participating in your events.

Benefit from support from Sport England

Sport England has launched a campaign called Join the Movement #stayinworkout, which is all about keeping the nation active through lockdown and beyond.  As part of this, Sport England will create a live timetable of curated virtual classes on their website.  This timetable will only show classes published as open data, as part of the OpenActive initiative.

There will likely be significant spend on this campaign over the next few weeks including radio, paid social media and possibly even TV.  High amounts of traffic are anticipated, for example, in the first week (without marketing spend) the page reached over 100,000 views.  This means your events are likely to reach a much larger number of potential customers with a fantastic amount of free marketing.

How will this campaign benefit you?

The goal of the campaign is to support organisations like yours to engage more people to be active. Once your data is open, your activities will be visible online to a much wider audience thereby increasing your online presence and driving traffic to your activities.  At this difficult time, the greater interest and participation in your events will help to drive more revenue into your business.

What does open data mean?

Open data does not refer to personal data or your customers’ data – this purely means useful information about your upcoming events (e.g. start/end times, dates, location, price(s), description, booking link).

Essentially, this platform will make your activities accessible to millions more people through heavy promotion at no cost to you.

How does OpenActive collaborate with Participant?

Your customers will be able to book and pay via your Participant booking page, meaning that the additional marketing activity requires no setup from your side.  Simply follow the requirements from Sport England (contact us for more information) and your events will be online and benefitting from free promotion in no time!

We are delighted to be able to bring this opportunity to your events and look forward to boosting you towards higher numbers of participants and working towards our shared interest in keeping people healthy during this difficult time.

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