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Burnley FC In The Community (BFCitC) joined with Participant in 2017 to facilitate online bookings for their soccer schools, mini kickers and player development centres.  Since then they have expanded their use of the solution to also include mascot packages and quiz nights.

After developing a close working relationship with BFCitC, we are delighted that they have chosen to use Participant to launch their exciting new iPRO Gym membership for this brand-new facility.

How does it work?

Utilising a recurring payment solution, customers who register for the iPRO Gym have their future payments automatically scheduled to be taken out each month.

This functionality offers the flexibility to our customer to predetermine a date for payments to be taken out each month or allows their customer to select the date of payment.  Alternatively, monthly payments can be set to be taken on the same date as the initial payment each month.  This range of options has given BFCitC the ability to consider the requirements of their customers and provide the best possible service.

Fully Branded Solution

iPRO Gym has a strong brand presence and Participant were able to assist BFCitC in ensuring that the membership booking page reflects this.

The fully branded solution means that the registration form replicates the look and feel of the website, whilst prominently displaying the iPRO Gym logo at the top of the page.

Are you running a gym?

Are you running a gym and looking for a solution for memberships?  Or perhaps you run events similar to BFCitC and are looking to find a booking solution?

How we can assist you…

Participant provides a streamlined booking solution which can be used for a number of different events, so why not chat with a member of our friendly team today and we can discuss how we could potentially help you also!

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