How To Use Webinars To Continue Your Events Online

Like all of us, Participant UK have been monitoring the COVID-19 developments daily and we know that numerous event organisers have acted quickly to take their courses, where the participants presence can be remote, online.

With public events not currently being permitted, we have seen increased engagement with online solutions.  Indeed, there is still high demand for courses, new knowledge and experiences, with many people now finding themselves at home with lots of spare time.  You, as an event organiser, can step in to fill the void.

Hosting a Webinar

Many event organisers have been forced to cancel their events due to the COVID-19 pandemic and orders from the health authorities and Government.  Whilst public events can no longer take place, lots of them can be conducted in a different way.  This is where a webinar solution can be an option.

Webinar events are a cost-effective solution as an alternative to standard events, whilst it is not possible to meet in person.  A big benefit of webinars is that they offer flexibility to both you and your participants.  You can all meet in a digital room, get involved and not have to worry about calculating travel and time costs; in turn, you are of course mitigating the risk of infection by staying at home.

Continuing to use Participant UK to collect the registrations and payments means that you can benefit from a familiar interface with the easy process of money being paid out to you each week.  With a good overview of those who have applied for your Webinars, you can manage both your events and participants with ease.

Reaching potential and existing customers will be important; therefore, you can market your event through social media (such as Facebook) with a direct link through to the booking page.  With this process, it will be quick and easy to post an event and start accepting registrations.

Webinar Platforms

There are lots of solutions available, such as Zoom and Jitsi.  These can be used to bring people together and keep everyone positive whilst sharing your webinar, with easy methods of communicating with your participants.


After your webinar, you may have spoken with other participants who have a common business interest and opened opportunities with them.  You could consider creating a closed group on Facebook and/or LinkedIn to invite your participants to after the webinar – as well as helping you to keep in contact, this will also help you to start building a loyal customer base whom you can liaise with further via webinars and online events.

Who can benefit from digital events?

  • Education – With education now taking place remotely, now could be a good time to educate your participants on your chosen subject by means of a webinar.
  • Competence Courses – If you wish to provide information on useful areas such as Health and Safety, Digital Marketing or Crisis Communication, you could take this opportunity to offer a multitude of courses online. Many people finding themselves at home will be happy to be able to develop their knowledge in certain areas.
  • Exercise Courses – Provided that the exercise does not require too much space or equipment, you can carry out means of keeping fit such as yoga, Pilates, strength and rehabilitation training. Sharing this with your participants means you can keep your events running whilst working towards a common goal of keeping healthy.
  • Hobbies – Some hobby-based courses such as cooking classes and sewing can be held online. In these difficult times, potential customers will be glad of a way to continue learning their hobby from the safety of their own home.

We want to help

Participant UK wants to help organisers to reach out to their customers, and we want to help you to share your events.  Please feel free to contact us on hello@participant.co.uk with any questions, and also tag us in social media posts regarding events so we can share these!

More information on COVID-19

Are you looking for more information on how to best cope with COVID-19 as an event organiser?  Read our blog here.

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