Getting Your Events Started Again

During the weekend of the 17th & 18th April we saw many more activities and events starting up safely across the UK, following the next phase of the lock-down easing.

Your potential customers are eager to get out and about again, meaning that there is high demand for events.  With this in mind, it is vital to ensure that your event runs safely and is COVID-secure throughout.  A solution is therefore needed to help to ensure that you can provide safe and enjoyable events for your customers whilst managing the operation as smoothly as possible.

The Importance of an Online Booking System

It is vital to take bookings online, in advance, under the current COVID-19 guidelines.  This gives certainty regarding the number of attendees on a given day, and also enables event organisers to plan in advance based on this.  Decisions such as the number of staff needed to safely handle the event, how social distancing measures will be implemented and how to manage entry will be based on the number of bookings.

Set Maximum Limits to Attendee Numbers

In addition to providing an indication of the number of people in attendance, an online booking system can also be used to set a maximum capacity for bookings.  This ensures that your event does not exceed the legal limit, and potentially a self-imposed limit based on what you feel is safe and manageable.

Having the ability to set a limit to the number of bookings is vital during the current period of lock-down easing, where events are required to comply with safety guidelines to ensure that the event runs in a COVID-secure way.  It is also a great practice to get into long-term, with the potential to increase limits gradually as guidelines ease further.

Contact-Free Admission

You can check your participants in contact-free using QR codes, enabling you to keep social-distance enforced throughout the entire entry process.  To utilise this, simply switch on QR codes when setting up your event, and then instruct your participants to bring the code with them; they will receive this via email in their order confirmation.

In addition, utilising QR codes to check your attendees in on entry ensures that tickets cannot be duplicated or used more than once, as this would be flagged up on the Participant App.  Therefore, you can also benefit from increased security and ensure that your maximum limit of participants is not exceeded.

With current guidelines advising on social distancing to ensure COVID safety at events, contact-free admission is a vital part of ensuring that your event complies and runs safely.

QR Codes

How can Participant help?

Participant’s online booking system can help you to enhance the operation of your event by facilitating all of the above and much more.  You can read more about our features on our website, or alternatively please feel free to contact us for more information.  Our friendly team are on hand to get you started!

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