Getting Started Again: Advanced Booking, Limiting Numbers, Ensuring Event Safety

With lockdown going through various stages of easing, many activities that were not previously possible have now been able to return, albeit in a different format to that which we are used to.

One of the many changes we have seen is the reduction in numbers able to attend events, group gatherings and outdoor spaces requiring admission.  As a result of these limitations, many companies have introduced a “pre-book only” policy.

How does pre-book only limit numbers?

Ensuring that you do not exceed the capacity limits can be challenging, however making your event/space pre-book only makes sure that you are in constant control of the number of people attending your venue.  As well as keeping people safe this also means you can plan according to how many people you have booked in on any given day; this can range from the number of staff you need to have available to the amount of space that will need to be used.

Your participants will understand the need to pre-book at this time and it will assist you in ensuring you can start running your events again in a free and calm way.

Dividing each day into timeslots

To maximise your income during this tough period, you could consider dividing your day into timeslots.  This would ensure that you can run your events to the maximum safe number of participants whilst also leaving you time to clean your venue and equipment (if relevant) between each session.

How can Participant help?

Participant provide an online booking solution which can be used to enable you to take pre-bookings for your event.  Utilising our sessions tool, you could set a limit of participants for each day and then access their booking information from an automatically generated register for each day.

An advantage of using Participant for pre-booking is that all payments will be made online and are therefore contactless.  This means there is no need for cash handling and social distancing can be maintained at the venue.

If required, you could also use our check-in tool to scan QR codes on arrival; this will help to keep your event watertight and ensure that nobody who has not pre-booked can gain access.  This is vital during the pandemic, where events are being slowly reintroduced with additional safety measures.  In turn, QR codes provide a contactless means of scanning participants in, as it can be done with a scanner from a safe distance.

Case study – Maidenhead United FC

Maidenhead United FC run Magpies In The Community, who provide football sessions to children.  The organisation is beginning to start allowing football sessions to run again with COVID-19 measures in place, meaning that numbers are limited and in turn the number of staff is determined by how many people there are booked on.

See how the organisation is limiting numbers and starting to run their sessions again here.

How to get started

It is easy to get started with Participant, simply register a free account, set up a booking form and start taking your registrations online today.  For more information, you can find our short tutorial video below.

Marketing Tools

If you are running a sports event, you may be interested in learning more about our OpenActive collaboration whereby you can open your event to millions of potential attendees by making it visible on a number of websites online.  Visit our dedicated OpenActive website to learn more.

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