Get Ahead With Your Autumn Events

Wow!  What a busy and event-packed summer we’ve had.  It has been fantastic seeing our event organisers thriving and able to provide their activities again.

As we approach autumn, it’s time to start planning for September and October events.  Your customers will soon be scanning the web looking for the next activities for them or their children, so make sure yours is at the top of the list!

Autumn Events on Participant

Participant provide an online booking system enabling event organisers to take their bookings online.  We provide a tried-and-tested solution to a wide range of events including summer and autumn camps.

Helping you to manage your registrations, our solution is perfect for half-term camps enabling your customers to book online within minutes.  Simply share your registration page on social media and on your website and watch your bookings come rolling in 24/7.

Benefit from the ability to invite participants to future events thus helping you to drive repeat custom.

Hybrid event functionality

Our latest innovation is a hybrid event model.  This enables you to provide your participants with the option of either attending in person or online, for example via a webinar.

Providing the ultimate flexibility to you and your customers, you can now attract attendees from a much wider geographical area than purely those who would be able to attend in person.

Why do I need an online booking system?

Having an online booking system enables you to collate a simple and clear list of your attendees and how much they have paid.

You are able to limit the number of registrations to a maximum, meaning that there is no risk of you oversubscribing your event past your limit.  These tools have been particularly useful to event organisers during the COVID situation and will continue to be thereafter.

As well as resulting in less administration for you, an online booking system will also keep your customers happy, many of whom have become accustomed to an online booking process due to its simple user journey.

How do I start?

It is incredibly quick to set up a booking page for your event(s), simply create an account on Participant and you will have immediate access to set up your form and start accepting bookings online.

Our support team is on-hand to assist you with any queries and you can also request a copy of our user-guide.

How does getting ahead benefit me?

The sooner you start advertising your autumn events online, the faster you’ll fill up spaces and build up a register of attendees.

Making it as easy as possible for customers to register means that you’ll be the first camp they find online, therefore you will secure their custom immediately.  Providing the ability to book online is a sure-fire way of staying ahead of similar autumn offerings and guaranteeing that you know your attendee numbers well in advance of the session(s).

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