Event Streaming: Providing an online viewing experience during COVID-19

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone on an unprecedented scale, and event organisers have been faced with the challenge of finding new ways to keep their events running whilst adhering to strict regulations and a world that brings new obstacles daily and no one knows what tomorrow brings.

With that said, we have been absolutely inspired by seeing many of our organisers devise creative ways to keep their events running safely; as well as keeping a much-needed income stream going, it is also vital for people’s mental health that they are able to enjoy events in some form at least.

How can live-streaming help my business?

It has become clear that physically seating spectators in stadiums is not going to be possible in the short-term future, at least in a very limited number, however that does not mean that you have to completely stop offering a service.

Many sporting organisations and football clubs have taken the decision to live stream matches to their keen fans, providing them which some much needed entertainment from the safety of their own home.  This is a very marketable prospect at this time, as people need something to look forward to and being able to support their football (or sports) club through an online viewing experience is the perfect way to boost their general mood and wellbeing.

Importantly, this is also a vital revenue stream for your club in a difficult time and will help to ensure that your organisation continues to operate successfully whilst providing the best possible service under the circumstances. You may bundle this service for the seasonal ticket holders, you may charge per event/match or you may sell “half-season”-tickets.

How can Participant help?

Participant provide an online booking solution to a number of organisations and have supported many of our customers through this pandemic with finding new ways to operate events.

This has included altering the settings of booking forms, launching our partnership with OpenActive (you can learn more about this here) and supporting our clients through this uncertain and challenging environment.

We can therefore help you by providing our booking platform to take bookings online for your streamed matches or events.  Simply get in touch with us – we will help you to set up a booking form and you can then start promoting your streams online with a direct booking link for your participants. Our booking system can be used together with different type of streaming platforms including Streamingpartner, WPstreaming, Facebook, Youtube and more.

As well as providing marketing opportunities, our solution will also build an easy-to-access register of your customers and an easy way of tracking your income.  You can also use the registration form to gain valuable information for future offerings, such as a question field asking what type of online events people are interested in moving forward.

Getting Started

If you are looking to stream your matches or other types of events, contact us to find out more about how we can help you!  You can set up a free account and get a feel for how the system operates obligation-free.

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