Autumn Events: How To Use An Online Booking System To Manage Attendance Numbers

It has been a challenging summer for event organisers across the world, with COVID-19 restrictions in place and uncertainty over whether various types of events can take place.

As the nights roll in earlier and we move into Autumn, we have found that many organisers are looking to get started again with their events in a COVID-19 safe way.

Are you planning an event for the autumn and wondering how to manage your attendance numbers to ensure that it operates safely and within guidelines?

We have written a blog detailing how you can use an online booking system to help ensure that you do not exceed the safe limit for your events.

Set a Maximum Number of Participants

With an online booking solution, you can set a maximum number of attendees for your events.  This can be set for the entire event, or you can create timed sessions to run throughout the day.

For example, you may wish to run a session from 9am to 1pm, and then another one from 1:30pm to 5:30pm.  This would mean you could allow a set number of participants in each session whilst also leaving you time to clean and sanitise areas between groups.

Your participants will understand the need to pre-book at this time and it will assist you in ensuring you can start running your events again in a free and calm way.

Use The Participant Sessions Tool

Participant’s session tool is perfect for this requirement.  You can create multiple sessions within the same day, or on different days, and then take bookings whilst enabling your customers to select the session they wish to attend at the point of booking.

Once your customers have booked their session, they will receive an order confirmation with their date and time of attendance on there.  You can request your customers to bring their confirmation with them, meaning that you will be able to ensure you have the correct participants at each session.

Contactless Admission

If you require contactless admission to your events, our QR code feature can help with this.  Simply download the Participant App, enable QR codes on your booking page and you will then have the ability to scan in your participants as they enter.

Contact Information

At this time, it is a requirement for organisers to have the relevant contact information for their attendees.

Using an online booking system means that the relevant contact details will be taken at the point of the initial registration being made.  You can also tailor this to obtain further information from your participants if required, e.g. medical information.

Having access to this information via an online register will make it easy for you to be able to contact your participants after the event has taken place, should you require.

Any further assistance?

If you require any assistance in setting up your Autumn event to manage numbers, please get in touch where a member of the Participant team will be happy to assist.  You can sign up to Participant for free, giving you the opportunity to get a feel for how the system operates with no obligation.

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