After The Summer…

Summer events and courses are now in full swing and it is brilliant to see so many of our organisers providing awesome activities to their customers.

With bookings for these events now taken care of, it is time to think ahead to September.

Do you have any plans for your post-summer offering?  Perhaps something new?  Here is a look at how some of our features could help you with your next big idea!

We have the functionality for you to offer your customers payment plans of various types.

Recurring payment enables your customers to sign up to a monthly or weekly payment plan, which can run for a set amount of months or indefinitely (until cancelled by yourself or the customer).  You can set predefined payment dates or allow your customers to choose.

Alternatively, an ad hoc payment plan allows you to set up your own payment plan with manually entered dates, enabling more flexibility.  This tool is most helpful for if you are not following a strict monthly or weekly payment plan.

Provide your customers with a QR code in their order confirmation which can be authenticated upon arrival to the event.

Simply download the Participant App, sign in and access the QR code scanner!

User Profile enables your customers to create and manage their own account.  Using the sleek interface they can;

  • Create one or multiple users under a single account
  • Enter and update core details on their profile such as; name, address, contact details
  • Pre-populate profile details when completing a booking page
  • View upcoming events and past events which they attended
  • Update card details on recurring payments
  • Recover past registrations which were made when logged out of their account

Have a question for us? 💭

It is super easy to get in touch with us via our live chat feature!

Whether you are looking to set up a booking page, wish to have more information on a specific feature or any other query, we are here to help.

Simply visit our website and drop us a quick message to chat with the support team.

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